How to choose best Software for Optical Retail Outlet

If you are an Optical Retail Outlet and have newly started or even are are already established and wants to go for a systematic way to maintain your customer records and inventory etc. then I do understand you would have a question in mind HOW TO CHOOSE A GOOD SOFTWARE FOR OPTICAL RETAIL OUTLET AND WHAT WOULD BE BEST FOR YOU.


Well to answer that there are only some basic things which you need to keep in mind and which is ……
1. Software which you choose should be most importantly EASY TO USE. Where even a person not having much knowledge about other softwares should be able to understand and use it.

2. Mostly if you will investigate about the software features you will find almost all the softwares for Optical Retail will contain more of less same features. So features are not that important but the most important part is how detailed that feature is or how that feature is gonna work, which is more important. Like for e.g. software might have inventory management or billing etc. but when you start using it you might find that it is really complected to manage inventory or use billing form. So it is really essential that you should see and go through the demo from the vendor first before finalizing the software

3. Another important factor while choosing a software is knowing more about the company who has developed it, like how old the company is, how many installations they have done and for how many industries they are catering to etc. as the older the company is the more experienced and reliable they are. Which will mean that your investment is secure.

Keeping in mind all the above there is a product which will is most suitable for you the product is Drishti Software. Drishti Optical Management Software has been inducted in the industry since 1994 and have been backed and well supported by as much older company namely Softlab Systems. Drishti Software has got all the essential features required for an Optical Retail outlet for running its day to day tasks easily and efficiently. The best part is that the software has a very easy flow of use and can be operated by non technical person aswell which is what it makes it more popular in India and also entire Asia !!

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