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Does Drishti Software provides solution as per retail shop sizes?

If you are optical retail shop owner (big / small) or a Hospital / clinic with optical retail counter or optical retail chain / multi showroom chain of retail shops then it is obvious to think,

is there any software which offer solutions as per my retail shop size?

Drishti Software does provide solutions as per optical retail shop size. Basically, Drishti Optical Management Software offers various software versions specially designed based on optical retail shop business requirements.

Like if you are a small shop owner and you do not want to maintain any stock or inventory with you and your requirement is just to maintain your customer records including details of what all purchases customer had done from you, what all past items customer purchased so why would you need to buy full software which contains all customer prescription management, customer order management, inventory management barcode generation etc.? simple you need to smaller version of Drishti Software like ‘Drishti CRM+’

Similarly, if you are even smaller optical showroom or shop or only wants to maintain customer prescriptions and view past history of customer prescriptions then you can go with ‘Drishti CRM’.

If you want to maintain all i.e. customer prescriptions, Order cards, billing, inventory, barcoding etc,. then you can opt for ‘Drishti BUS’.

Likewise if you are optical multi chain or multi branch shop where you want to maintain your inventory centrally then you may opt for ‘Drishti HO & BO’ (Head Office and Branch Office) version.

So like as mentioned above you may decide best optical software in India based on your above requirements.

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